Timothy Ballard

Timothy@ThresholdBuildingCo.com · 413.522.2355

Builder, CPHC, Writer, Chief of Morale,
Lead French fry maker

Tim Ballard walked the typical path of a Western Massachusetts builder; that is to say, he began by receiving a B.A. in English from a small New England college. Next, he moved with his (future) wife, Emily, to the Pioneer Valley, for the simple reason that it’s pretty there. Then, he realized he needed to earn money.  The son of an electrician, and the brother of a carpenter, job sites were a place of productive comfort for Tim, so he labored his way throughout the Hilltowns.

It didn’t take long for him to recognize that the form - the structure, the making of things - was where his passion and skill lay.  As a result of curiosity, persistence, and happenstance, Tim embarked on a career in building. He’s worked with many of the area’s best craftspeople and contractors, and intends to expand the tradition of quality New England building practices. The challenge of balancing structural needs, energy consciousness, and aesthetic virtue make the work interesting and provide the opportunities for collaboration on which Threshold thrives.  

In the midst of his career's development, Tim and Emily married, had a daughter and a son, and bought an old house in Greenfield, MA.  They like to host parties in their yard with names that end in ­Fest (Pie-, Lobster-). He’s quick to laugh, slow to speak, and approaches building with an equal sense of industry and artistry.

Robert Potter

Robert@ThresholdBuildingCo.com · 413.522.7949

Builder, Thinker, Chief Chisel Sharpener,

Rob Potter has been around building his whole life. The son of a craftsman builder and timberframer, some of his earliest memories are of hanging around his father's shop - sweeping up plane shavings, holding the other end of the board, hammering a few nails into a piece of scrap. His mother would tell you that he knew from the time he was a toddler that building was his life's work.  

Rob has worked on some of the oldest houses and barns of Western Massachusetts, carefully restoring and bringing them back to life. It is these old buildings that inform his sense of place and deep love for the beauty of historic architecture and design. An avid reader and critical thinker, Rob can often be found digging through stacks of old books, crunching numbers, figuring out just how they put that curve in that cupola roof he drove by.

Rob has an appreciation of hand tools, an exacting work ethic, and an artist's eye that brings balance to his New England sensibility. Equally at ease behind a desk or a router table, working either a sharp block plane or an iPad, Rob brings a breadth of experience to both the field and the office. A people person and a good listener, he is committed to the core principles of communication, collaboration, and craft. Indeed, it is not only the best way to build, but his way of approaching life.

Rob lives in Shelburne Falls with his wife Marissa and his children Aida and Jonah. He has an old house that he never finds enough time to work on, and enjoys cooking and sharing good food. A fitness enthusiast, you can often find him pushing through a hard 5am workout, swinging around heavy things, or practicing the elusive freestanding handstand.