Energy efficient building & remodeling

Intentional Building, Timeless Construction

There are hundreds of choices to be made in the design and construction of a house. We continually educate ourselves on emerging best practices, but never lose sight of time honored craft and tradition. We use materials we trust, and these are, generally, the same materials that have been used in New England for centuries. We like wood claddings, stone steps, slate and metal roofs; real materials that don’t brittle with age. This durability brings with it natural beauty.

New construction or renovation, Threshold Building Co., is conscious of the environmental impact of the many facets of any building project. The construction of anything requires the use of resources and we put our best efforts into balancing the needs of inhabitants, environment and structure.  The embodied energy of a building's components requires just as much consideration as the carbon footprint of its operation.  We are not dogmatic in our approach, but we work diligently at balancing the scales of function, form and environment.

We believe your building should be designed to suit your needs, but with consideration for the next hundred years, as well. Aging in place accessibility, solar gain (both passive and active), the view from your kitchen sink, all of these things deserve consideration in the planning of a structure. We build them to last, we want them to be useful as they do.

Practical High Performance Building

Threshold Building Co. uses a working knowledge of building science to make the best, most practical choices in creating your efficient, durable building. Our goals in any building assembly are to control water, vapor and air infiltration. While different buildings have different needs, in general, this means a well insulated, properly ventilated structure designed for a fossil­-free future.

Deep Energy Retrofits

We love and respect the traditional architectural styles of old houses, while recognizing these houses are often drafty and uncomfortable, expensive to heat and maintain, and set up for a bygone way of life. Through tasteful remodeling of finishes and overall function, and a conscientious upgrade to a building's thermal envelope and mechanicals, we can add yet another century of service to your old home's life.

Comfort & Durability

Can we add to your home in a way that respects it's age and beauty? Absolutely.

Can we bring light and a sense of openness to your cramped dark kitchen? Without a doubt.

Can we restore your porch to its original, stately beauty, and provide a place for you to sit and enjoy the passing seasons?

Yes, and we can even make your home's interior environment comfortable year-round, creating a pleasant, healthy space for you and your family to grow. 

We bring skills, knowledge and intentional building practices to your renovation. Let's begin.